Expressing preferences using PREFER, WOULD PREFER, and WOULD RATHER

Topic: Expressing preferences using PREFER, WOULD PREFER, and WOULD RATHER. We can learn in this lesson how to express preferences. Students sometimes confuse these expression ; prefer, would prefer, would rather. [Difference in meaning] We use prefer when we talk about what we like in general. We use would prefer and would rather when we talk about specific choices in

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Embedded Questions – English Grammar with captions for ESL students

Embedded Question is a question placed inside another question or a question inside a larger sentence.You can watch Jennifer’s video lesson with captions. This captions will be helpful for lower level students. If you prefer this lesson without captions, you can  download  at . Additional practice is available at Try a short comprehension check and a quiz on

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Grammar – Common Mistakes in English – USED TO, part 2

This vedio lesson is very useful to understand “used to”, “be used to”, “get used to”.  If you have not yet studied the ‘Used to, part 1’ section, Go to the part 1 first. ‘Get used to’ express that someone becomes familiar or comfortable with a situation or activity. ‘Be used to’ = alreay comfortable or familiar. I quickly got

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