Bus and Trains

A : Does this bus stop at the museum?
B : No, it doesn’t. You need to take number 13.
A : How often does the bus stop here?
B : It stops here every hour on the hour.

A : Excuse me, where can I get a bus for the Market street?
B : There is a bus stop over there. The bus starts every ten minutes.
A : How long will the next bus be?
B : About 10 minutes.
A : What bus do I take to get to the museum?
B : Take the bus no. 8.
A : Where do I get off for the museum?
B : At the fifth stop from here.

A : Aren’t we at the museum yet?
B : No, not yet. It’s the second stop from here.
A : Where is the ticket office? = Where can I get a ticket?
B : It’s over there, next to the information desk.
A : One ticket for Mission street.
B : First or second class?


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