Desperate Housewives 3×01 Gaby’s laugh in the episode of Listen to the rain on the roof

Bree: “Hi, hi, hi, hi. I’m so sorry I’m late.”

Lynette: “No, that’s fine. Wow, white gloves. What are we having lunch in the 1880s?”
Bree: “Well, it’s a very elegant club. You know Orson’s been a member here for years. It will be even nicer when they finish the construction.”
Susan: “So, you were very mysterious on the phone. Why did you want to have lunch?”
Bree: “Well, um, I wanted to invite you to a dinner that Orson and I are having this Saturday.”
Susan: “So you asked us to a meal to announce another meal? That’s so Bree of you.”
Gabrielle: “What’s the occasion?”
Bree: “Oh, um, no occasion. Just a little get-together.”
Lynette: “What are you being so coy about?”
Bree: “I’m not being coy.”
Lynette: “She said coyly.”
Gabrielle: “If you don’t tell us, we’re not coming.”
Bree: “Oh, all right. I wanted to wait and make a proper announcement, but…”

Bree removes the white glove on her left hand. The girls see her ring. Bree holds her hand out to Gabrielle.

Bree: “Orson and I are engaged.”
Gabrielle: “Oh my gosh!”
Lynette: “Wow!”
Susan: “Oh, let me see. Oh.”
Lynette: “You move fast.”
Bree: “I know it’s quick but it’s just feel so right. Orson is just the most warm, wonderful, generous man.”
Gabrielle: “Oh, generous. That means he’s good in the sack.”
Bree: “Actually, uh, no, we haven’t had sex yet. We’re waiting until we get married.”

Gabrielle breaks out in laughter. Bree looks shocked.

Gabrielle: “Oh my god, you’re serious? No sex at all? No even, um…”
Bree: “Whatever you’re alluding to, no.”
Gabrielle: “But you’re gonna get married. You wouldn’t buy a car without at least taking it for a little test drive. It’s not like you’ve never slept with a guy you weren’t married to.”
Bree: “True, I have in the past, given myself away too freely. How charming of you to bring that up while I’m announcing my engagement. But I’d like to think that I have learned from my mistakes. So the dinner is at eight o’clock and when we make the announcement, please, everybody look surprised.”
Gabrielle: “Oh, don’t worry, I’m just gonna replay the look I had when I found out you hadn’t banged him yet.”

Bree gasps out loud.

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