English Conversation – How to start small talk, icebreakers

English Conversation – How to start small talk, icebreakers

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A proactive language learner doesn’t wait for someone to tell them to do something – they speak to people in English because they know it will help them advance their language skills. This video shows ways to start conversations even if you are a very, very shy person.


The number one topic in the world for icebreakers is the weather.
You can say something positive just about any type of weather situation.

Isn’t it just beautiful outside?  Isn’t the weather great today?
Look at the sky. That blue is so beautiful. I love the spring time in this city.
I love the warm weather.
I love it when it rains. When it rains, I just want to have a cup of coffee and read a good book.

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  • Dave–Good point on enthusiasm! I’d much rather talk with someone who has limited English skills, but who is enthusiastic than someone who speaks perfect English but is a bore!

    I do have a book recommendation (one that I wrote myself a year ago) for English Language Learners who are trying to do business in the US: Small Talk, Big Results: Chit Chat Your Way to Success! I do cover icebreakers, easy ways to start (and continue) conversation and networking tips. Available on Amazon (print and and Kindle: http://www.amazon.com/Small-Talk-Big-Results-Success/dp/0983007802/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1291132034&sr=8-1

    Although I didn’t write the book specifically for English Language Learners (Or ESL), I’ve had a few people from other countries mention how easy to read and useful the book was. One friend from India said it was the first book he ever read from start to finish (it’s only 69 pages long).

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