A : I’d like to cash this traveler’s check, please.
B : How would you like it in large or small bills?
A : A 20 dollar bill, five 10’s, some 5’s and some quarter’s.

A : Do you have change for a dollar? I need 3 quarters, 2 dimes and 5 nickels.
B : Sure, here you are.
A : How much pocket money will you need this month?
B : I think $100 should be enough to tide me over until the end of this month.
A : Can I borrow some money?
B : I can’t. I have a tight pocketbook these days.
A : Can you lend me some money? I am broke.
B : Come to think of it. I forgot to bring my wallet. We are in the same boat.

A : Are you sure he will keep his promise and pay back the money?
B : Don’t worry. He is a man of his word.
A : She is a real penny-pincher.
B : I know. She spends too little and saves too much.


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