The movies and TV

A : What is your favorite hobby?
B : I’m a movie buff.
A : I am not too crazy about movies.
B : I’m a baseball maniac.
A : Shall we go to the movies tonight?
B : I don’t have time to fool around like you do. I’ve got to study for my exam.

A : Who’s starring in the film?
B : George Clooney plays the lead role in it, besides directing the movie.
A : Let’s leave now so we’ll get a good seat in the theater.
B : I still haven’t put on my shoes and socks, so hold your horses.
A : What happened to one of your socks?
B : Gosh, I must have put it on inside out.

A : What’s showing at the theater?
B : A horror movie. They give me the creeps.
A : How much is the admission?
B : 15 dollars.
A : Excuse me, are you in line?
B : Don’t cut in line.
A : The seats are all sold out.
B : I think I have to buy a ticket from a scalper.
A : What time does the show begin?
B : 7 o’clock, sir.

A : In the United States every film is rated as G, PG, R, or X.
B : What do the letters stand for?
A : G means general audience, PG “parental guidance”, R “restricted”. X-rated films are adult movies.

A : Excuse me, is this seat taken?
B : Yes, my husband went to the restroom.
A : Could you tell me what musical is playing tomorrow?
B : We have Evita playing at 4:00 matinee and also at 8:00 tomorrow.

A : What’s on today? Anything interesting on today?
B : Why don’t you look at the TV guide?
A : Is the game on tonight?
B : Yes, it’s on at 9 p.m.
A : Is it live or a recording?
B : It is a rerun. The president will go on the air at 9 p.m.


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