[Announcement] The winners of English Listening Contest

It was an awesome contest!
From November 16th to 30th, lots of participants submitted their answers. We are pleased to announce that almost all of the answers were correct. The winners of YesESL.com’s First English listening contest were randomly selected by Sanfrancisco English Teacher Joe Gleckler .

The winners are ;

iphie***@yahoo.co.uk from Nigeria
farazem***@gmail.com from Pakistan
happygirlneh***@yahoo.com from Nepal
zamsrub***@yahoo.com.my from Malaysia
rajapakshashe***@gemail.com from sri lanka
nomi_ue***@yahoo.com from pakistan
yaqma***@gmail.com from Nigeria
vesna_penov***@yahoo.com  from Macedonia
jakog***@yahoo.com from Kenya
sibon***@izinga.com from South Africa
(We deleted the last 3 words of the email addresses  in order to avoid being targeted by spammers.)

As we promised, the winners will be emailed a copy of Simple English News eBook as a prize.

Thank you for joining us.

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