English Listening Contest (Submit answers by November 30th, 2009)

Anyone can join the listening contest. It’s absolutly free. There are 3 topics and a total of 10 questions. Listen carefully to each audio clip, and submit your answers in the form below. We will choose 10 winners from those who submit the correct answers. The prize is a English eBook. (The original source is from simpleenglishnews.com)

1. Mayday.

1The first day of May is a holiday in many countries.  In ___1___ times, May 1st is frequently celebrated as International Workers’ Day.

However, the holiday has been ____2___ for several hundred years.  In England, it is traditional in many ___3__ for a May Queen to be selected on this day.

2. Doing well in hard times

2The world is undergoing the most difficult economic period in many years. Nevertheless, there are some businesses that could do very well during a _____4_____.

For example, since everybody needs to __5__ and dress, stores that sell inexpensive food and clothing should have many customers during an economic crisis. Stores that sell used goods ____6____ also do well.

3. Skype for long distance

3More than 400 million people are now ____7____ Skype to speak to other people over the Internet. For example, a ____8___ in Mexico can speak to a person in South Africa for free if both of them have downloaded the Skype program.

Of course, a person also needs a computer and a microphone for Skype to work. Recently, Skype has introduced a new ___9___ for people to call from a computer to a normal telephone for a small fee.

That is to say, if someone you know does not use Skype, you can still call him or her from Skype if he or she uses a ____10_____ or mobile phone.

Contest Rules
1. The participant must register as a member of YesESL.com (Free). Click the Login button at the top of our Home page.
2. Submit your answers by 24:00, November 30th, 2009. (Pacific Standard Time)
3. We will randomly choose 10 winners from those who answer all 10 questions correctly.
4. We will email you an eBook as a prize on December 2nd, 2009.

Answer Sheets

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