Vocabulary – next, drive, wrong, doze, throw, talk, age…

1. I don't know the people who ______________. They only moved in three days ago.

2. Aaarrgh! If I hear that awful song one more time! Aaarrrgh!  It's __________ !

3. What's wrong with you? Did you sleep on the ___________ ?

4. One person in the theater audience started snoring after he _______.

5. Are you free next Saturday evening? I am __________ and I'd like you to come.

6. Some TV and radio commercials are difficult to understand because the people ____________.

7. Do you know where Jane has been? I haven't seen her __________.

8. Even though he knew it was illegal, Mr. Johnson quickly __________ in front of the bakery in order to pick up the birthday cake.

9. During the busy harvest season, farmers get up ______ and don't stop working until dusk.

10. Do you know who's a ___________ ?  Bill.  He's so annoying and irritating.


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