Vocabulary test – nothing to write home about

1. The hotel we're staying in is OK, but it's ____________ about.

2. I feel so relaxed here. It really is ___________.

3. We were hoping to go away for a few months, but I couldn't get time off work, so our plan went ___________.

4. Farmers have to worry about frost damage to their crops during the severe ________.

5. Hey, Sohong! Do you think I can _____ at your place tonight? I missed the bus and I don't have enough cash for a taxi.

6. Why are you always so serious? You should try to _____ a little.

7. I always ________ on telemarketers. I'm tired of them calling me.

8. As Rebecca waited at the bus stop, she __________ a conversation with a woman standing next to her.

9. We went for a ______ around the block in Elsa's new car.

10. I didn't _________ last night. My neighbours were fighting again.


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