Conditional 0.

If I am late, my wife drives me to work.
She doesn’t worry if Tayler stays out after school.
Usage : For situations that are always true if something happens. It can be replaced by when.
Grammer : use the present tense in both.

Conditional 1.

If it rains, we will stay at home.
He will be late unless he hurries up.
Josh will buy a new car if he gets his raise.
Usage : The real conditional. Used for real or possible situations. These situation take place if a certain condition is met.
Grammer : simple present in the conditional clause and will + simple present in the result clause.

Conditional 2.

If he studied more, he would pass the exam.
I would lower taxes if I were the president.
They would buy new house if they had more money.
If Obama weren’t president, he couldn’t attend the G-20 meeting in London.
Usage : The unreal conditional. Used for unreal – impossible or improbale – situations. This conditional provides an imaginary result for a given situation.
Grammer : Use the simple past tense in the conditional clause and would and simple present in the result clause.
NOTE : The verb ‘to be’, when used in the 2nd conditional, is always conjugated as ‘were’.

Conditional 3.

If he had known that, he would have made a different decision.
If I hadn’t gotten married, I wouldn’t have moved to San Francisco.
If I hadn’t come here, I wouldn’t have met you.
Jess would have found a new job if she had stayed in San Francisco.
If Miachel had gotten his co-workers’ respect, lots of employees would have followed [joined/abandoned the ship with] him.
Usage : The ‘past’ conditional. Used only for past situation with hypothetical results. Often used to express regret.
Grammer : Use the past perfect in the conditional clause and would + have and past participle in the result clause.


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