Grammar – Common Mistakes in English – USED TO, part 1

Common mistakes in English.
1. Used to – past events, past situations, past actions
2. Be used to – not limited to the past.
3. Get used to

[Used to]

I used to be better at the piano. = I was better in the past. Now I am not that good.
I used to play piano more often. = In the past I played more often. I don’t play much any more.
So used to means ‘not now, not any more, no longer.’
I used to practice regularly.
I didn’t use to complain about not having time to practice.
Did you use to paly a lot?
Didn’t you use to take a lesson?
How often did you use to play?

[Be used to]

My fingers aren’t used to moving that fast. = It’s not easy for my fingers to move that fast.
I am not used to performing on camera. = I am not comfortable performing on camera.
I’m used to my electronic keyboard.
So ‘be used to’ express that something is familiar, comfortable, or normal for someone.


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