English Listening Practice with Subtitles

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Do you speak a second language?
A : I do not.
B : I can speak a little bit of Spanish. My mother was Puerto Rican, but I really rusty on it.

Many people around the world are learning to speak English, but not very many Americans are learning a second language.
A : I think that’s bad thing, to be honest. I think, I think it’s actually very arrogant for the average American to not think that they should learn a second language. I think there is a real problem in, in this culture that we feel, that I think a lot of Americans feel “oh, we’re the best”… “We are the best country, we’re the best culture, we don’t have to study other, other peoples, other races”,.. “Try to expand our horizons”, I actually think that’s a bad thing.
B : I disagree with that. When our ancestors came to the United States, they had to learn the language.
A : Oh, absolutely, you should definitely have to speak Enlgish if you come to America. Don’t get me wrong.
B : But that’s not true any longer.
A : No, no, and that I agree….
B : I think you really should. If you come into a country, and you plan to live there, you should at least learn their language.
A : Oh, yeah, no…
B : I think it should be the option of us whether we want to learn another language.
A : Oh, yes, absolutely, I definitely believe that if, that’s another pet peeve. I really don’t think that it’s fair that I should have to placate to someone else who can’t be bothered to learn English. But at the same time, I think in order to gain a greater understanding of the world, you should learn a second language. But yes, definitely, you should. If you live in this country, you should speak English.¬† I’m sorry, that’s just the way I feel about it.

Let’s say you move to another country, and you needed to learn their language,
(A : I think I should. )
(B : Oh Absolutely.)
how would you start? Would you start by learning the alphabet, the numbers or would you…A : I think I’d get one of the books that they have in the library, or the diskettes that teach the language of the countries, whichever country you were going to, I would learn that language, absolutely.
( thank  you.)
And, when you went to another country, would you approach them in their language or in English?
A : In their language. I would try to be as good as it as I could be.
B : “Please” and “Thank you”. Those should be the first 2 words you should learn ;
That’s nice, Right.
B : Please” and “Thank you” and “Have a nice day”.


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