English Listening Training – Drama – Desperate Housewives season 1×03 Dinner Party

KARL: I don’t know what to say, Susan. The heart wants what it wants.

SUSAN: What does that mean?

KARL: I fell in love.

SUSAN: While you were married to someone else! (gesturing to herself)

KARL: The heart wants what it wants.

SUSAN: Yeah, well, my heart wants to hurt you, but I can control myself.

KARL: I don’t wanna go back to that ugly place, really, and if you do, I suggest you get some help. (walks outside)

SUSAN: (follows him outside, still wearing just the towel) You know what? I don’t need an apology. I don’t need anything from you.

KARL: You’re humiliating yourself. (gets in the car)

SUSAN: (opens the passenger side door, and bends down to talk to him) No, you’re the one who’s been humiliating yourself, Karl, why don’t you see that? You walked out on your family. People think you’re scum, not me.  So worry about yourself, I’m okay with me. I can walk down the street and walk my head high. (shuts the passenger side door of KARL’s CAR as he drives off, pulling the towel off SUSAN)

(SUSAN is appalled, and quickly runs towards the front door, covering herself with her hands. She tries to open the door, but it’s locked. She gasps, and tiptoes towards a wooden post on her porch, hiding behind it. She eyes a tall plant, and pulls it towards her, covering herself more.)

NARRATOR: On Wisteria Lane, an unsettled Susan racked her brain to find a way into her own house.

(SUSAN holds the plant in front of her, and sidesteps her way down the steps and towards the garden shed on the left of her house. She tries to open the door to the shed, but it’s also locked. She tiptoes towards a window, and tries to open it. It’s stuck. She puts down the plant and uses two hands to try and open it. She slips, and falls into her shrubs on her back!)

NARRATOR: Lying naked in her shrubs, it occurred to Susan that this could be the most humiliating moment of her life.

(MIKE walks by and notices her lying there.)

MIKE: Susan?

NARRATOR: She was wrong.

MIKE: (averts his eyes, grinning) Uh.. whatcha doing?

SUSAN: Locked myself out. Naked.


SUSAN: And then I fell. (crosses her legs) So how are you?

MIKE: Good. I just got back. I was gone all day, and I got your messages about dinner, and, um, I would love to come if the invite still stands.

SUSAN: It’s a date.

MIKE: Alright, I um, assume the dress is, uh, casual.

SUSAN: Yeah, it’s it’s casual.

(MIKE nods, grinning as he walks off. SUSAN squeals and covers herself with the plants.)


(SUSAN and MIKE walk up the porch. SUSAN is holding a bottle of wine.)a

SUSAN: Thanks for helping me break in. Do you think it’s gonna be hard to replace that screen?

MIKE: Well that depends. Nail it in yourself, you might wanna wear gloves. Or pants. Pants wouldn’t hurt.

SUSAN: Okay. I know what just happened is funny, in theory, but I am nowhere near ready to laugh about it. So please, no jokes.

BREE: (opens the front door) Hey, where’re you been?
MIKE: Um, Susan had a problem finding something to wear (stifles his laughter). Oh, was that the kinda thing you meant?
SUSAN: Pretty much.

LYNETTE: The kids are bouncing off the walls? Huh. Well I’m sure you can find a way to put them to bed, Tom. I mean, for god’s sakes, Tom, they’re just kids.

SUSAN: (notices GABRIELLE is limping) Hey, are you okay?

GABRIELLE: Yes, I, I went jogging today, and I think I just pushed myself too hard.

SUSAN: Well, you’re probably not wearing the right shoes.

GABRIELLE: Yeah, that thought did cross my mind.

CARLOS: So Gabrielle says you and Bree are taking lessons three times a week.

REX: Uh-huh.

CARLOS: I’m actually thinking about playing again. I mean, it’s such great exercise.

REX: That it is.

CARLOS: And my drop-shot could use a serious tune-up. Think you could give me the number of your pro?

REX: Yeah, I’ll, uh, give it to you later.

CARLOS: Well, what club does he work out of?

REX: Um. We’re not really taking tennis lessons, Carlos.

CARLOS: You’re not.

REX: That’s a story Bree concocted to cover the fact that we’re seeing a marriage counsellor.

(BREE, standing right behind him, drops her plate of hors deuvres on the ground. REX turns around, startled.
Everyone else turns to watch.) Bree, Bree.

(BREE takes his glass of wine from him.)

REX: He wouldn’t stop asking about the tennis pro. (turns to everyone else) Bree and I are in marriage counselling.  Everyone knows our secret now. Did the sky fall? Has your life come crashing down?

(GABRIELLE, LYNETTE and SUSAN look at each other, dumbfounded.)

BREE: If everybody would please take your seats. Dinner is served.


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