IMF Chief Arrested for Alleged Sexual Assault


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The world’s top banker — in jail. Not for embezzlement or misappropriation of funds.

Instead — for alleged sexual assault on a chamber maid in a luxury New York city hotel room. The International Monetary Fund’s Dominique Strauss-Kahn is one of the world’s most influential men.

But critics say — his career is toast. Russia Today has details.

“The 32 year old employees claims Kahn attacked her while she was cleaning his room. His lawyer says he will plead not guilty. Meanwhile, the IMF has not given a reaction to the incident involving the potential French presidential candidate.”

After the alleged crime, Strauss-Kahn allegedly fled to the airport — and was ready to depart on an Air France jet when he was arrested. Here’s France 24.

“Police learned that Mr. Strauss-Kahn was at JFK international airport. They boarded a Paris bound Air France flight, and arrested Mr. Strauss-Kahn in first class ten minutes before the departure of the flight.”

And that’s right — not only is Kahn the head of the International Monetary Fund. CNN notes, he’s a leading candidate for the Presidency of France among a broad field of candidates.

“An opinion poll published Sunday — but taken before the scandal broke — showed him in first place among six hypothetical candidates across the political spectrum, with 26% support. President Nicolas Sarkozy came fourth, with 21.5%…”

Eurovision notes, there’s a reason Kahn’s star had been rising.

“He has won praise for his role with the IMF, steering it through difficult times throughout the difficult financial crisis. This incident comes at a crucial time for Strauss-Kahn, and could derail any ambitions he might have had to take over France’s top job.”

His political rivals were quick to discredit Strauss-Kahn, and to call his political aspirations for the French presidency — a thing of the past. The New York Times has a quote from far-right candidate Marine La Pen…

“He’s definitely discredited. The case and the charges mark the end of his campaign for the presidency, and will likely prompt the IMF to ask him to leave his post.”

But several media outlets point out, that tomfoolery and French politics are anything — but — strange bedfellows. Several candidates reportedly have mistresses. And ABC’s Mike Marusarz reports, Strauss- Kahn has been here before.

“This isn’t Kahn’s first brush with controversy. In 2008, he had an affair with a Hungarian economist, admitting he made a quote, error in judgment. His sexual escapades have been folklore for years.

“It doesn’t surprise us, no.”

“And he is a father of four, married to his third wife. One of the most esteemed television journalists in France. American born Anne Sinclair. But today he’s the one making headlines.”

Kahn’s political aspirations aside, EUX reports — on a larger scale — this is not the kind of news the European community needs, in the wake of its ongoing economic crisis.

“The IMF Chief was due to meet with European finance ministers on Monday and Tuesday to discuss the Greek debt crisis.”

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