Listening Practice – It’s hard to focus on information

No matter what the forecast says, these meteorologists sure can make temperature hotter.
Odds are you can never see them on your local forecast, they just dress too probabantbly for American television.
But in a lot of foreign nations, these sexy girl are genuine phenomenon, especially in Latin America.

Audrey Puente is a meteorologist for Fox5 in New York city. She is justifiably serious about her work. I have a masters degree in Meteo science and have been work since then for meterology, and actually come in and do the forecasting myself. She understands where these ladies coming from. They are speaking to the culture they live in.

I happen to be Puerto Rico decent, I understand their idea of embracing your curves, it happens a lot in Latin American countries, we will see a lot of these videos coming from.

Mexico’s Yanet Garcia is delivering the forecast in her super tight outfit. It’s hard to focus on the information. She likes vivid colors, a pink pose in her hair.



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