Video News and Transcript : Tropical Storm Agatha Rocks Central America

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“The death toll from tropical storm Agatha continues to rise in Central America as residents begin to clean up. But renewed activity by Guatemala’s Volcano Pacaya could make a challenging job even more difficult.” (

“And the storm opened up a massive sink hole in Guatemala City that swallowed a three story building.” (MSNBC)

First Agatha struck, killing well over 100.  Now, in the aftermath, a huge sinkhole has opened up in Guatemala City.

We’re examining coverage on this tragedy from MSNBC, the New York Daily News, and the Weather Channel.

First, to the sinkhole, which some are attributing to a combination of heavy rain and Guatamala City’s weak infrastructure. The New York Daily News describes it.

“The hole … looks like a near-perfect circle and according to reports, it spread beneath a three-story structure, which fell into it.  The storm’s rain is being blamed for creating the sinkhole, which form suddenly without warning and can range in size.”

To add to those problems, The Weather Channel reports the eruption of the volcano Pacaya is contributing to Guatemala’s problems.

“The storm arrived just two days after the Pacaya volcano erupted. Blanketing Guatemala’s capital in ash and destroying about 800 homes. … Closing Guatemala City’s international airport.”

That has created a major blockade to international aid. The Guatemalan weather website, Climaya, reports that Guatemala’s geological service warns of a new phase of eruptions.

ITN shares the perspective of one relief worker who discusses the difficulties the country is already facing.

“The river took away two bridges. We’re almost completely cut off. There are 20 houses almost completely destroyed. We’re sent here sent by the municipality, trying to give these people the basics.”

The European Union is sending 3 million euros in aid to the victims of the disaster.

WRITER: Tim Wall/Newsy Staff

PRODUCER: Matt Schmertz

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