Accent on Speaking

Now You Can Learn the Secrets of how North Americans REALLY Speak English!

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Accent on Speaking

The American Accent Workshop is different from any other accent reduction program out there because you are not just getting a product, you are getting a service. 


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redcheckmarkAll new members of our program will receive a free initial  Pronunciation and Accent Assessment.  1We believe this free gift to you is essential to your learning because you need to know exactly what you are doing well and what you could improve on. 

After you receive your assessment you will know which audios and videos and live coaching classes will be crucial for YOU!

This evaluation normally sells for $79.  But it’s free for you as a member of the American Accent Workshop.

 The American Accent Workshop is a membership program that you can join from anywhere in the world. 

You get great audios and videos to learn exactly how to sound American.  But, even more importantly, you get live help and feedback by professional coaches and teachers.

All you need to become a member is a good internet connection, a computer headset, and the willingness to learn (and put your new knowledge into action.)

We can help you make a difference in your speaking and your life.

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Accent on Speaking

What could you do if you didn’t have a foreign accent?
Learn how Americans REALLY speak English with the
American Accent Course. Don’t wait.
Change your speaking and change your life!

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