Phrasal Verbs – Let up, Let down

Let up – become less intense or slower

The rain finally let up. (slowed down, stopped)
The US economy lets up tremendously after the financial crisis.
The retail business lets up after Christmas as I expected. So I don’t let me down.
We can’t afford to let up in the fight against drug-traffickers.
McCain didn’t let up in the final days at the last election.

Let down – disappoint ; to fail to meet the expections of ; decrease ; lower

I wanted to go to Half-Dome, but I was let down by heavy rain.
I was waiting on tables. After serving a beautiful millionaire, I was let down by her 10 dollar-tip.
I know let you down when I didn’t do what I promised. I’m really sorry.
Gov. Mark Sanford admits affair,  ‘I’ve let down a lot of people’.


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