Asking question 2

How big is it?
It’s little. tiny/small/medium-sized/big/large/huge.

Does it have a smell?
Yes, it smells like a rotten egg.
No, it doesn’t.

Does it have a taste?
Yes, it’s sour. salty/gingery/sweet/bitter/bland(tasteless).
Yes, it tastes like a salt.

Does it make a noise? Does it make a sound?
Yes, it makes a screeching. squeaking/squeaky/thunderous/ringing.
Yes, it sounds like a thunder.

What does it look like?
It’s big. It’s scary. It’s invisible.

What shape is it?
It’s shapeless. It’s triangular. triangle-shaped/rectangular/circular/round/square/cube-shaped.
It’s shaped like a sleek woman. It’s shaped like an hour-glasss.

What color is it?
It’s clear. It’s green. It’s wine-colored.

What does it feel like?
It can’t be felt.
It’s soft. hard/smooth/rough/bumpy/wet/dry/hot/cold/flat.

What is (used) for?
It’s used for noun.

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