It is sunny. (It was sunny.) –  There is sun. (There was sun.)
It is humid. – There is (a lot of) humidity.
It is breezy. – There is a breeze.
It is smoggy. – There is smog.
It is windy. – There is wind.
It is foggy. – There is fog.
It is misty. – There is mist.
It is cloudy. – There is cloud.
It is drizzly. (drizzing)
It is sonwy. (snowing) – There is snow.
It is rainy. (raining) – There is rain.
It is chilly.
It is flooded. – There is a flood.

It is spring. (rainy season)
There is a tornado. (twister)
There has been an earthquake.
There is a hurricane.
There is lightning. (thunder)
There is an electrical storm.

The key to stay warm in San Francisco is layers.
It was pouring down rain.
Rain was pouring down.

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