1. a large group of religious congregations united under a common faith and name

and orginized under a single administrative and legal hierarchy.

2. one of a series of kinds, values, or sizes, as in a system of currency or weights ;

Cash registers have compartments for bills of different denominations.

The stamps come in ¢15 and ¢45 denominations.

I’d like $2,000 in denominations of $20 and $100.

I’d like $2,000 in $100 bills. [denominations.]

I want to withdraw $100. 9-10 dollars, 9 dollars, and 4 quarters.
I want to withdraw $100. 90 dollars in 10s, 9 dollars in dollar bills, and 1 dollar in quarters.
I want to withdraw $1,000 in 20 denominations.
I want to withdrew $1,000 in the denomations of 20.
I want to withdraw $100 in the denomations of 9 10 dollars, 9 one dollars, and rests in quarters.

3. a name or designation, especially for a class or group ;

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