Sex slang – nobody teaches you

I love Ronnie’s video lessons. In this video, you can learn sex related slang word that nobody teaches you.

Hello, I’m here to warn you that Ronnie is bad. She’s trying to teach you slang words
that people use in real life, and maybe you’re going to get offended by it. So if you’re
offended, turn it off. Do it now. You have two seconds.

I’m Ronnie, back at you, teaching you some more slang, teaching you some more “tings”
that nobody teaches you. Are they scared to teach you? I don’t know, but I’m not afraid
to teach you anything.

Today we’re going to be teaching… I’m going to be telling you about prostitutes.

“What is a prostitute?” you may ask. Let me do this for you. 10 dollar. A prostitute is basically
a woman or a man who sells their body for sex. They’re also called “sex workers” or
“escorts”. These are all the same. It’s just fancy names that people like to say for prostitutes.

What I’m here to teach you, though, is the slang. Why do you need to know the slang?

Is it funny? Yes. Is it important for English? Is it impo…? Yes, because movies. Have you
seen the movie Pretty Woman? Julia Roberts? In the movie Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts plays
a hooker, she’s a prostitute. Melanie Griffith, in a movie called Call Girl or Working Girl,
plays a prostitute. And the man that likes hamsters a lot, Richard Gere, he plays a male
prostitute in the movie American Gigolo. So, prostitution is all around us. It is not something
that you can hide away from. It’s not something that you can pretend doesn’t happen, because
it’s out there and it’s real, and I’m going to teach you some slang for it. Slang with Ronnie.

“Hookers”. All of these words, here, are words in slang for a prostitute. All of these words,
here, are for women prostitutes. We’re going to go through the pronunciation because this
is important. The first word is “hooker”. Then we have “whore”. Please notice the “w”
is silent. We don’t say: “w-w-whore”; we just say: “whore”. “Ho”, this is way too common,
in my opinion, in a lot of gangster rap videos and gangster rap songs. They’re always talking
about hoes and bitches, please. More common, because it’s more, I guess, old fashioned
is if somebody is a “lady of the night”. She’s not a vampire. She’s a hooker. You’re a prostitute.

“Call girl”, I think this was the name of the movie with Melanie Griffith, but it was
Working Girl, you call the girl who is an escort, and she will come wherever you are,
and have sex with you and you give her money. Perfect. “Working Girl” was the name of the
movie by… Or with Melanie Griffith. We also call prostitutes “street walkers”, because
they literally walk the street, looking for money.

A “tart”, not a strawberry tart, but a tart is also a prostitute. A “strumpet”, what a
good word. “Slag”, “slag” we use also to say for someone who just has sex with many people.

They don’t necessarily get paid for it like a prostitute, but they have sex with lots
of people. So, a slag, a slut, and a skank mean two things: they mean a prostitute or
someone who just has sex with a lot of people for free. Should be getting paid for that, girl.

“Harlot” is a very old fashioned word, and I’m sure it would be in really old movies
with Elizabeth Taylor. She was a harlot. Was she? Well, I don’t know. One of my favourite
words that I learned growing up, working in the trucking industry, was a “lot lizard”.

Hmm. A “lot lizard”, this is cool. So, lot lizard is specifically a prostitute that works
in parking lots. So a lot of men drive transport trucks from point A to point B. They get lonely
on the road, and they sleep in truck stops. You will see this a lot in American TV, where
there’s truck stop, and they have a diner, and they’re having lots of food and drinking
coffee. Well, when you’re sleeping in your truck late at night, [knocks], inevitably,
there’s going to be a knock at your window. [Knocks]. This is a lot lizard. A lot lizard
is a prostitute that works specifically at truck stops. Sometimes you’ll see a truck
or transport truck that has a sticker with a lizard crossed out. That means he doesn’t
want lot lizards or prostitutes knocking on his truck.

We get into some more slang and some more pronunciation with a “2 dolla hooker”. Now,
escorts, hookers, prostitutes, they can be very, very expensive or very, very cheap.

If you charge 2 dolla, which means two dollars, for sex, there’s probably a reason for that,
and the reason is probably because this woman is a “crack whore”, a “dope whore”, or a “coke
whore”. I’m not talking about Coca-Cola, ladies and gentlemen, I mean coke as in… Hmm. The
white powder, cocaine. “Dope” is usually heroine, and “crack” is crack cocaine. So, any woman
that’s addicted to these drugs, we would call them a crack whore, or a dope whore, or a
coke whore, they will sell their body not for money, but for the drug. As you can imagine,
this is a huge problem. Television likes to take, and movies like to take a lighter side
of prostitution, saying: “Oh, look at the poor prostitute.” But it’s a serious problem
that you can probably find out by now, Hollywood likes to sugar coat.

Where? Where do prostitutes hang out? Where can you find them? If you’ve ever been to
Amsterdam, it’s legal. They have a “red light district”. But also, many cities have what’s
called a red light district. A “red light district” means this is the area where you
can find prostitutes. In Toronto, do you know where that is? I can take you on a tour of
Toronto. I will take you to what’s called “Hooker Harvey’s”. Have you been there? Hi,
guys. Hooker Harvey’s is a restaurant, but it’s actually for men or women to pick up
prostitutes. So you can go to Hooker Harvey’s on tours with Ronnie.

There is… If prostitution is legal, there are places called “brothels”. A long time
ago, prostitution was legal. It’s called the oldest profession in the book or the oldest
profession in history, because brothels at one time were really, really common or popular.

A brothel is a place where a man or a woman could go and actually buy a prostitute, and
they can have sex or do whatever they do in the room in the safety of the brothel. In
Canada, brothels are illegal, and most prostitutes are forced to have sex in alleyways or dirty
hotels, or wherever they want, really. A slang for a brothel is a “whore house”. As you can
see, we get this word again, “w” is silent.

There’s also someone who is a really, really bad person, this is a “pimp”. Now, a pimp
is usually a man, and the pimp basically owns the call girl or owns the hooker. She has
to give a percentage, if not, all of her money to the pimp. You’re going to see this a lot
in movies. It’s a man, he’s usually got crazy clothes on, carries a cane, crazy hat, gold
teeth, you know what I’m talking about. “Pimp” is a man who actually owns the hookers. A
“madam” would be the woman that owns the whorehouse, and she would be like the pimp, she would
get a cut of the money or some of the money from the prostitute. So this isn’t a wonderful
thing to do. You can’t be really rich and wonderful, because there’s always someone
taking your money. In Canada, like I said, it is illegal and you are not taxed. There’s
one thing in Canada, we don’t have to pay tax if you’re a prostitute.

And we also have male prostitutes, yay. So strictly for woman, so this means a man who
only will have sex with woman… Women. He’s called a “gigolo”. There’s a movie called
American Gigolo, starring Richard Gere. And this is where this movie comes from. We can
also call male prostitutes “male escorts”, “rent-boy”, “hustler”, “pay for gay”, or “rough trade”.

These ones that I’ve written down, here, are usually men that have sex with other
men. But like I mentioned before, the gigolo has sex with the women. There are some other
places around the city in a red light district or in big cities where you can get escorts
or get sexual favours for a price.

There’s a really famous one in slang that’s called “rub and tug”. Now, this is advertised
in newspapers or in phone booths, if you’re in London, as a “massage parlor”. A massage
parlor, you’re going to get a back rub, and they’re going to rub something else for you.

So, in slang, we don’t call them massage parlors because we know that you’re not getting a
massage. It’s called a “rub and tug”. “Rub” means that you touch and tug… Yeah. You
get it. Good.

Also, you can find a lot of prostitutes or strippers at a “strip club”. The slang words
for strip clubs are: “ripper bar”, it comes from the word “strip” or “stripper”,
“the rippers”, but also “the peelers”. “Peelers” mean they peel off their clothes really seductively,
and then they want coke from you, and money, and yeah, it’s really good. And then you spend
a lot of money on beer.

We have two very famous strip joints in Toronto. Like I’ve mentioned before in my videos, I
will be doing tours of Toronto. I can point you in that direction; not going in. If you’d
like to know where that is, give me a shout out on Facebook. Please be very careful out
there if you’re involved in any of this, and stay safe.

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